세상에서 가장 큰 아이

kudos to Saemus Walsh for a few questions answered

“세상에서 가장 큰 아이”
The Biggest boy (in the world)"

Main Story
얘가 빌리야.
This child is Billy.
빌리는 이제 다 컸지.
Billy's now a big boy (all grown up)
밥도 혼자서 먹을 수 있고,
He can eat all by himself and
옷도 혼자서 입을 수 있지.
put on his clothes all by himself.

부엌 찬장에서 컵도 쉽게 꺼낼 수 있단다.
He can easily put a cup in the kitchen cupboard
빌리는 장화도 잘 신고, 전화도 잘 받아.
Billy can put his boots on well and pick up the phone well, too.
엄마가 설거지를 하면 옆에서 거들 수도 있단다.
He can also give Mom a hand with the dishes.

엄마가 “우리 발리가 벌써 이만큼 컸네.” 하니까
Mom said "You're already this big"
아빠는 “벌써 다 컸네.” 했어.
Dad said "Already all grown up"
엄마가 “바지 하나 새로 사야겠네.” 하니까
Mom said "I'll buy you a new pair of pants"
아빠는 “신발도 새로 사야겠네.” 했지.
Dad said "and I'll buy you some shoes, too"

그러자 빌리가 말했어.
Then Billy said
“난 훨씬 더 클 건데?”
"Aren't I way bigger than that?"
엄마가 “그럼 금방 학교에 가겠네.” 하니까,
Mom said "well, just a moment ago you went to school"
아빠가 “금방 자전거도 타겠네?” 했어.
Dad said "and didn't you just a moment ago rode your bike?"

그러자 빌리는 “난 훨씬 더 클 건데?” 했지.
Then, Billy said "Aren't I way bigger than that?"
엄마 아빠가 “얼만큼?” 하고 물으니까
Mom and Dad asked "how big are you?"
빌리가 대답했지.
Billy answered.
“엄마 아빠보다도 훨씬 더!
"Way bigger than Mom and Dad!
난 세상에서 가장 큰 사람이 될 거야.”
I'll be the biggest person in the world."

엄마가 “우리 빌리가 이 세상에서 가장 커진다면 우리 집 지붕이 모자가 되겠네.” 하니까,
Mom said "If our Billy grows up the be the biggest in the world, then our house roof will be his hat."
아빠가 “그럼 창문은 소매가 되고 우리 집 벽은 윗옷이 되겠지. 
Dad said "Well then, the windows will be your sleeves and our house walls will be naked (topless?)
주머니 속에는 강아지하고 고양이가 살겠네.” 했어.
And the dog and cat will live in your pockets"

“그래 그래, 맞아 맞아!”
"Alright alright. That's right that's right!"
엄마가 “할머니한테 갈 때에 비행기는 안 타도 되겠다.
Mom said "When we go to see Grandma, you know we won't be able to take an airplane.
두 발짝이면 갈 테니까.” 하니까
If you just take two steps, you'll be there."
아빠가 “목마르면 호숫물을 마시고,
Dad said "If you're thirsty, you can drink from a fire hose and
배고프면 사과 한 상자는 한입에 먹겠네.” 했지.
if you're hungry, you can eat one box of apples i one bite."

그러자 빌리가 또 킥킥거리며 말했어.
Then Billy kept giggling (snickering) when he said
“그래 그래, 맞아 맞아!”
"yeah yeah. That's right! That's right!"
엄마가 말했지.
Mom said
“후_____ 하고 불면 구름이 다 날아가겠다.”
"If you blow clouds will go away"
아빠도 말했지.
Dad also said
“무지개 목걸이도 할 수 있겠다.”
"You can wear a rainbow as a necklace

빌리는 큰소리로 깔깔거리며 웃었어.
Billy laughed in in a big, rough voice.
엄마가 말했어.
Mom said,
“그만큼 커지면,
If you're that big,
해님으로 공 놀이를 할 수 있겠네.”
you could play ball with the sun."

아빠도 말했지.
Dad also said
“초승달 수염도 달 수 있겠다.”
Crescent moon (달 수 있겠다??)
빌리는 큰소리로 깔깔거리며 자꾸자꾸 웃었어.
Billy laughed in a big voice repeatedly.
엄마가 “그런데 지금, 너는 딱 네 나이만큼 크단다.” 하니까,
Mom said "but now you're only four years old"
아빠가 “그렇지!” 하고 맞장구쳤어.
Dad said "Right! ???"
엄마가 말했어.
Mom said
“그리고 지금은 너만한 아이들이 잘 시간이야.”
"And now it's time for your children"
아빠가 맞장구쳤지. “그렇지!”
Dad said "right"
빌리는 혼자 힘으로 침대에 올라가 편안히 누웠어.
Billy climbed into bed all by himself.
그만큼은 컸으니까.
Because he's that big.

빌리는 엄마 아빠한테 뽀뽀하고 인사했어.
Billy kissed and said goodnight to Mom and dad
“안녕히 주무세요!”
"Good night. Sleep tight!"
창문 너머로 달이 보였어.
He looked out of the window to see the moon.
손으로 잡아 봤더니 글쎄,
He looked through his hand and
겨우 알사탕만한 거야.
it almost looked like candy

빌리는 중얼거렸지.
Billy mumbled
“내가 세상에서 가장 커.”
"I am the biggest in the world"
꿈 속에서 빌리는…..
In Billy's dreams...
정말로 그래!
it really is true!

Amount understood without dictionary:
Some things I learned from this book:
이애 = 얘 this child
얘, 가까이 오지 마 Hey, hey, stay away from here.

설거지 = dishes

금방  = just a moment ago

세상에서 = in the world

자꾸 = repeatedly

Still some unanswered questions:
- 아빠가 “(...)우리 집 벽은 윗옷이 되겠지.  Dad said "(...)and our house walls will be naked (topless?)" UPDATE: "The windows will be his sleeves and the walls will be his coat (upper garment"
-    빌리는 큰소리로 깔깔거리며 자꾸자꾸 웃었어. - Billy laughed in a big voice (자꾸자꾸?? repeatedly?)
-    아빠가 “그렇지!” 하고 맞장구쳤어. Dad said "Right! ???" UPDATE: see below
-    “그리고 지금은 너만한 아이들이 잘 시간이야.” "And now it's time for your children" WTH?? UPDATE: "and now it's time for children as big as you to go to sleep."

Additional Notes:
- Awesome book for kiddos and perfect for my level of Korean. 30% of the book's vocabulary was unknown to me which was great. Nice to know the verbs this time around. However, the story got a little kooky towards the end – I was running into some dead ends trying to translate some seemingly simply sentences. Anyways, I'm glad that I got the gist of a book that I had no prior knowledge of before reading.

Some additional notes left by Saemus:

Where dad says “그렇지!” 하고 맞장구쳤어" this means something along the lines of "That's right! What you said!" or something to that effect. Basically, he's saying that he agrees with her, because she's saying that he's only grown as much as someone his age should have. 네 나이만큼 is a strange one, because you usually would hear it being spoken as 니 나이만큼 and it means your age, or the amount that fits your age, rather than for four years old. 네 in this case is a contraction of 너의.