Korean language scholarships

So I want to study more. Like the rest of the world, my funds are a little low to do so. Enter: Scholarships. I've been researching possible scholarships and whether or not I'd even qualify for them. Ideally, I'd love 2010-2011 to be a great year for studying.

So, here's what I've found:

Study In Korea - Korean government's poorly edited English website to help those looking for language schools.  The only real helpful tool is the search engine that lists all schools throughout he country who have Korean language classes. Helpful for those living outside of Seoul, for sure. Look for "Language Center Search"

Critical Language Scholarship Program - this summer intensive program is open for Americans who have desire to go abroad and study a language deemed in critical need. No need to point out that Korean is one of those languages. The only part that makes me ineligible is the fact that I'm not enrolled in an American college right now. One must be a student to qualify.

The Korea Society - this one seems to be the most promising. read the flyer and drool. I already did. I shot them an email asking for 2010-2011 info. I'll update if I hear back. UPDATE: due to lack of funding, there will be no recipients this year. lame.

That's all I can seem to find in the meantime. I hope I can qualify to study on a more full time basis. Who are these lucky souls who receive such good fortune and what do I need to do to be one of them?

2 Responses to “Korean language scholarships”

Anonymous said...

안녕하세요! ^^ 방가워요~ TTMIK 사이트를 통해 여기로 들어왔어요. ㅋㅋ
저는 한국어를 공부하고 있는 싱가포르 사람이에요~ Nice to know someone else who loves Korean as much as I do :D
p.s I'm self studying too ^^

Matthew Smith said...

샤나 씨, Thanks for commenting! I checked out your blog and I've added to my blogroll. P.S. Thanks SOO much for the 빵꾸똥꾸 explanation! I heard it from my students but never knew what it meant.