순정만화 (Hello Schoolgirl)

Last week, I watched 순정만화. I'm not here to review this movie as I've already covered a bunch here and here but I will say that I liked it. Why? It was a cute film with believable characters save for 채정안's typical cringe-inducing bad acting. Above all else it had simple Korean dialogue. I was so happy that I could watch this with no background knowledge and just Korean subtitles. Sure, a few times I had to pause and ask my grirlfriend for clarification but overall, I got it. Nice.

So, I feel like posting some of the script here. I've learned a few things that I'd like to share. There are possibly some spoiler alerts in the script, so if you would like to watch it for your own practice (and enjoyment) watch it first. What I like about the script is how natural it sounded. Even if you haven't seen the film, the script can prove useful if you're studying Korean. As in some of my other translations,  I may or may not translate exactly. Sometimes, the nuance is much different so I may type what is implied in English isntead of that literal translation.

여기가 아니라 저긴데
not here but over there (talking about putting trash in the wrong container)

마스크 쓰고 가. 황사 온데.
put on your mask (as you go outside) yellow dust is outside.

너 이제 죽었다
you're dead from now on (because she forgot her tie, her teacher will scold her)

동사무소 다녀요?
you work at a local 동 office?

거기도 넥타이 꼭 해야 돼요?
do you absolutely have to wear a tie there?

우리는 넥타이 안 하면 화장실 청소해야 되는데
if we (students) don't wear a tie, we have to clean the bathrooms

좀 빌려주세요
can I borrow yours?

나 아저씨 같냐?
do I seem (look) like an 아저씨 (an old man)?

전부 눈 감아
everyone close your eyes

손 내려
put down your hands

다 버린 거야
all of these are abandoned (left behind) *this can be a question, too. 버린 거 없어? is something I hear a lot from someone close to me when we leave a restaurant

좀 벗어 봐 . 벗어 금방 돼
take off your clothes. just do it already (shirt in this case because there's something on it and the old lady wants to clean it)

배불러서요 한 숟갈만...
since I'm so full, please just one spoonful... (sweet older people trying to feed him)

저기 아까... 전철역에서 많이 기다렸죠?
hey about earlier... you were waiting a lot at the train station, right?

이 집 떡볶이 진짜 맵네
the 떡볶이 is really spicy here

저 결혼 안 했는데요
I'm not married...

띠 동갑 이네요
we have the same zodiac sign

동안이 시네요
you look young (you have a baby face)

그런 소리 많이 들어요
I hear that a lot

지금 뭐 하시는 거예요?
what are you doing (polite)

얘 이름이 고양이에요?
that dog's name is "cat"?

네, 내가 지어줬어요
yes. I made it up myself. (I invented it)

it's dark (so I can't take a photo)

it's the last train (of the night)

그냥 말 놔
just talk (don't use polite language)

이리 와서 앉아 봐
come over here and sit next to me

나한테 이렇게 얘기해 봐
say this to me:

아이씨 권하경이 왜 이렇게 많아 씨발
holy crap why are there so many HaKyoung Kwons? f***...

욕하는 거 싫어 하지
(oh that's right) you don't like swear words

착 한 척 좀 그만 해
okay you can stop being such a nice guy...

이거 저 주는 거예요?
is this something you're giving to me?

무슨 문제 생기면 바로 연락해요
if you think of anything, just ask me (and I'll help you)

난 이제 어름이야
I'm an adult from now * opposite = 어린

어제 비를 맞아서..
yesterday I got rained on...

원한 거라도 한잔?
would you like something cool (to drink)?

내가 얼른 준비할게요
I'll prepare something quickly.

이거 예쁜 것 같은데, 그치?
this is pretty, right?

왜 짜증인데? 생리해?
why are you so annoyed? are you on your period or something?

이 것들이 진짜 죽으려고
these two are really dead now...

내가 못 도와 줄 것 같아
seems like I'm not able to help you...

혼자 먹어도 맛있게 먹어요
even if you are eating alone, eat well

그래요 너무 늦게까지 공부하지말고 일찍 자요
okay. since it's so late don't study anymore and go to bed early

공 좀 주세요
give me the ball

내가 맛있는 거 사줄게
I'll buy you something delicious

데려다 줄게
I'll go with you (i'll accompany you; I'll walk you to your house)

너 진짜 멍청 하다
you're really such an idiot

무슨 생각해?
what're you thinking about?

자존심 상해
you hurt my pride

돌아가셨어요 어릴적에
my parents died when I was young

did you get into a fight?

원조 아니지?
you're not some perverted old man who sleeps with young girls, right?

he finished his military service (discharged)

6 Responses to “순정만화 (Hello Schoolgirl)”

Sasha said...


I just came across your blog. I love all things Korean (especialy food and dramas) and want to start studying the language too. Can you recommend the best books for self-study? If you have already posted them I'll find it as I check out the rest of your very comprehensive blog(s).

Happy New Year!

Matthew Smith said...

@ Sasha - First of all, thanks for stopping by! You know, I have been meaning to write a full post on all the self-study books. For the time being, I would recommend the Integrated Korean series (KLEAR). They are the textbooks that the University of Hawaii uses for their Korean language classes and I have found them to be the most easy to follow and helpful. Good luck!

saemi_bird said...

can't believe you comprehend a bulk of these
scripts.. your translation is somewhat 95% correct...

did you watch it again after we
watched it or what?? I am so amazed..

by the way, I wanna share
one tiny tickly typo caught my eyes.

새원한 거라도 한잔? --> 시원한 거라도 한잔?
(Do you want something cold to drink?)

Matthew Smith said...

@ saemi bird - 고마워 새미씨 ^^ 혹시 남친있니? ㅋㅋ

I'll correct that typo right away! Thanks for pointing it out! Please feel free to do so on any post - including the sidebar ^^

Unknown said...

Hi! I've been looking for the script for this movie, and so far I haven't been able to find it. Did you find the script online somewhere?

Matthew Smith said...

@ Michael - I didn't find the script online but then again I wasn't looking for it. This is just a selected list of phrases and moments that taught me something so I wrote it down when I saw it.

Come to think of it, to get the script, all you would need is the the subtitle file (.srt) and then just open it in a text editor. Instant English script. However, the .srt file I have is in Korean...

Good luck!