Seeking Roommate/룸메이트 찾습니다

This time last year I was looking for a roommate. I was also studying Korean a lot at the time. I was also a senior at my university looking to cash in on one last 'thing-I-wanna-do-before-I-graduate'. I wanted to find a Korean roommate near or at my university to live with. The idea was to live cheaply sharing one place, exchanging cultures, languages and overall - becoming friends. I was fortunate because my experience was awesome. My roomie was a study-abroad student who was taking some time off from his regular university in Seoul to study English overseas for a year - a sort of right of passage. It was only six months but we had a lot of fun and I miss that filthy rat hole of an apartment. We hosted some great parties, drank a lot, played Left 4 Dead a lot, worked out a lot, watched the Office a lot and of course, studied a lot. A wonderful experience I will never forget.

But, where exactly did I find him? How should someone else go about finding a Korean roommate? In my case, my university has an English language program for international students. More about Korean stuff in Denton. He was already there in my town; I just needed to find him.

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So all pride goes out the window as I post this hoping it will help someone else.

When I was looking for a new place, I knew I wanted a Korean roommate so I had a friend help me write this up. I posted it up at three places:
1) a local Korean restaurant near campus
2) the office for the intensive English language program on campus and
3) the help wanted board near the campus P.O. Box (which most of the Korean exchange students use)

Within 16 hours of posting these three pieces of paper, I had met my two new roommates and also met two other people just looking to hang out. Score!

So, maybe I'm a success story or maybe I just got lucky but either way I wanted to post this here for anyone else in the future looking to do the same. Hopefully this post will give you a starting place.

롬메이트 찾습니다. (한국인 남자)
저는 25살 미국인 남자 입니다. 6개월 동안 같이 살 "한국인" 룸메이트를 찾슴니다. 저는 영어 교육 전공을 전공하고 있는데 한국을 좋아해서 올해 요름에 한국에 가서 살 계획 입니다. 그래서 그때까지 같이 살 롬메이트를 찾습니다. 어려워 하지 말고 전화하세요. 제 이름은 매튜입니다. 한국말도 꽤 합니다.

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spektre said...

great ad! i admire your guts. maybe one of these days, i have saved up enough and get myself on a plane to korea. great job man.:)