Choosing the right school to study Korean

I can't state it better than already written. This week in the Korea Herald is part one of series on studying Korean in Korea. The meat of the post deals with which school to choose out of the big ones - Sogang, Yonsei, Ewha, etc. Do yourself a favor and check it out. A teaser:

Ask yourself these questions:
- How many hours per week can you commit to class time?
- How many hours per week can you commit to studying outside of class?
- What level of Korean do you want to reach?
- How do you intend to use Korean once you've finished studying?
If you're considering graduate study in Korea, looking for a job in a Korean company, or want to read high-level literature or news you should definitely be considering university language programs. If you're studying in order to socialize with Korean friends, get some insight into contemporary culture and facilitate a more enjoyable, comfortable stay in Korea, then academy or free courses will most likely suffice.