Konglish of the Week

This blog has virtually nothing to do with my current job, but occasionally something comes up which might interest Korean learners. Like my other teaching English using Korean post I want to introduce something that might benefit Korean language learners. It's a small powerpoint called Konglish of the Week that I use to teach (rather, unteach) bad Konglish in my 5th and 6th grade classes. The kids really like the culture differences and explanations. Afterwards, they are quick to correct their classmates when they use a bad Konglish word outside of class.

If you really want to check just how much Korean vocabulary you really know, why not compare with what 5th and 6th grade Korean students are learning in English? I compiled the English words used for Seoul public school kids, and with the help of my coteachers, translated them all into Korean. They take a spelling quiz twice a week. So, want to find out if you're smarter than a fifth grader? Are you sure you know all of these words forwards and backwards? You might be surprised.

 Fifth Grade 한국어, 영어 Vocab
 Sixth Grade 한국어, 영어 Vocab

Lastly, a summary of my teachers' English class might give you some insight into the complexities of Korean-English as well as give you something to think about when learning a second language.