What to expect in Level 4 (vocabulary)

I'm not one for comparing levels in school; honestly I think it's pointless to brag or claim one's level because I know people "lower" than me who speak awesome Korean and those "higher" than me whose Korean makes me cringe. An academic score or level does not always correspond to actual ability. Having said that, someone might wonder what it's like to study at Level 4 out of 6. I can't tell much other than obviously the class is in 100% Korean with the aid of a new textbook with minimal English explanations. What I can tell you is what kind of vocabulary to expect.

The following words are new to me in my level and I thought I might share it. If you know all of these words, you're doing fine and can expect to be placed in an advanced class if not already formally studying. If not, no problem because we all have to start somewhere. No shame in that whatsoever. Language learning is a process. I can't help but smile thinking of how I couldn't even tell time in Korean two years ago but now I'm functioning in all Korean language environments. I may not be leading the conversations or anything like that but I certainly hold my own.

Anyway, this is a selected list from the first half of my class. Expect a part two sometime towards the final exam.

청반지 blue jeans
면반지 cotton pants
인상착의 appearance
압머리 bangs
정장 formal clothes
농구 선수 basketball player
정확하다 to be exact
꽃다발 flower bouquet
마중하다 to go out and meet someone
동그랗다 round
네모나다 square
장례식 funeral
천 cloth
가죽 leather
이상형 ideal type
활발하다 active personality
상관없다 irrelevant
첫인상 first impression
자연스럽다 natural
영돈 pocket money (allowance)
소리 sound
학기 semester
돌잔치 first birthday
자동판매기 vending machine
행사 event
축제 festival
거의 almost
공공장소 public places
정리하다 to put in order
애완동물 pet
키우다 to raise
이미 already (벌써)
요금 fee
소포 package
속히 quickly
서명 signature
부족하다 to be insufficient
매진되다 to be sold out
부치다 to send something via mail
들르다 to stop by someplace on your way
환전하다 to exchange money
반납하다 to return a borrowed item
신분증 ID card
지루하다 to be boring
중간 middle (as in 중간 시험 "midterm test")

4 Responses to “What to expect in Level 4 (vocabulary)”

Anonymous said...

i'm self-studying level 4 as well. i find it a bit difficult because of the technical words and there's not much english in the book i;m using but it's fun. i sometimes forget the basics though T_T good luck on your korean studies^^

Ólöf Þuríður said...

Hi, I am trying to teach myself Korean but I‘m still a total beginner. I was just wondering if you taught yourself Korean or did you take lessons? :)

Matthew Smith said...

@ lyrynne - I hear you on the whole "forgetting the basics". I'm baffled at some of the most simple stuff that I can't seem to manage. One mistake I constantly make is telling a salesclerk "가방 필요없어요" instead of "봉지".

@ Olof - I started with KoreanClass101 for almost two years with a weekly tutor. Other than that, it was just self-study with some textbooks and with friends. Not super productive but it certainly helped. Eventually, I took a few short-term intensive courses in Korea and since living here, I've taken night classes. best of luck and feel free to ask anything else!

Unknown said...

I hear 서명 all the time, practically every day.

서명해 주세요 (please sign on the electronic pad because I swiped your card for your double espresso).

I have never heard somebody say 장례식 (funeral) however. I get invited to weddings more often than funerals!