신체 관용 표현

Human body colloquialisms. I'll stick with close to literal translations just for fun. Also, Although I don't use everyone of these all the time, some would still prove useful if not just to hear them in spoken context. So get ready for your eyes to itch, your mouth to be heavy and your eyes to be high.

발이 넓다 someone that knows a lot of people
우리 아버지는 발이 넓어서 모르는 사람이 거의 없을 것같아요
My dad's "feet are so big" that it seems that there hardly isn't anyone that he doesn't know.

발을* 끊다 to stop visiting, to break off relations
이제부터 술집에 발을 끊았어요.
From now on, "my feet are stopping" to go to bars.
*note: careful not to say 발이 끊다" because that means to cut off your feet.

발벗고 나서다 to help other people with enthusiasm
우리 할머니께서는 아주 친절하니까 무슨 일이라면 발벗고 나서서 도와 주셔요.
My grandmother is so kind that if there's a problem she'll "take off her feet, leave home" and help you.

귀가 얇다 someone that easily changes their mind, easily convinced
너 귀가 얇아? 왜 살 빼는 약을 많이 샀어?
Are "your ears thin"? Why did you buy so many weight loss pills?

귀가 아프다 nitpicking, nagging (잔소리)
알았어. 됐고! 듣기 싫다고! 귀가 아파다고!
Alright. That's enough! I don't want to hear anymore. I told you that "my ears hurt!"

귀가 가렵다 someone's talking about you, your ears are burning
왜 이렇게 귀가 가렵지?
Why are "my ears so itchy?"

귀가 없다 as suggested in a helpful comment, this is crudely asking someone if they are even listening to you.
너 귀 없어?
Do you "not have any ears"?

입이 무겁다 to keep a secret well
걔는 입이 무겁기 때무네 믿을 수 있어요.
Because his "mouth is heavy" you can trust him.

입에 안 맞다 to not fit one's taste, style; not your thing, not a fan
중국음식이 입에 안 맞아서 중국에 갔다왔을때 살이 뺐어요.
Because Chinese food "doesn't match my mouth" when I went to China, I lost weight.

입이 짧다 picky, selective about food or style
보통 아무 음식이나 많이 먹지 않아요. 입이 짧거든요.
I usually don't eat a lot of food. "My mouth is short".

손이 크다 to be really generous, to splurge
누나! 무슨 음식을 이러게 많이 준비했어? 벌써 배가 불러! 정말 손이 커요.
Why did you prepare so much food? We're already full! "Your hand is big."

손이 모자라다 to be short staffed, to not have enough help
엄마! 일이 너무 많아! 손이 모자라서 도와 주시겠어요?
Momma! There's too much to do! Since "my hands are insufficient" could you help me?

손을 잡다 to make an agreement, a pact (제휴하다)
오늘은 A화사 하고 B화사가 손을 잡았습니다.
Today 'A'Company and 'B'Company "shook hands."

눈이 높다 to have a discerning eye for someone, to have high standards
혜진씨는 눈이 높기 때문에 거의 다 남자들이 싫거든요
Because Hyejin has "high eyes" she hates almost all men.

눈감아 주다 turn a blind eye, look the other way
그래요? 속도 위반 딱지요? 한 번 눈감아 주세요. 앞으로 조심하겠습니다.
Really? A speeding ticket? Please "close your eyes". I'll be more careful in the future.

눈앞이 캄캄하다 to go black, to be so worried that you almost blackout
시험 몬 봤어요. 선생님 다시 한 번 보면 안 돼요? 빨리 대답을 해주세요. 눈앞이 캄캄해요. 떨어진 것 같아요.
I failed that test. Can I take the test one more time? Please answer me. "My eyes are going black". I think I'm going to collapse.

코앞에 닥치다 to cross a bridge when one comes to it, to deal with it when it happens eventually
수능학원에 안 가고 공부를 하지않아서 코앞에 닥친 시험 때문에 도망가고싶어요.
Because I didn't go to SAT cram schools and didn't study, because of the test that "is approaching my nose" I want to run away.

코에 붙이다 to not prepare enough food for guests
이것밖 없어요? 누구 코에 붙이겠어요? 빨리 시켜야돼요.
There's only this? Who has "something stuck to their nose?" Hurry up and order some more food!

콧대가 높다 to be arrogant, cocky, stuck up
민희의 성격은 데기 싫어요. 콧대가 너무 높으니까.
I really hate Minhee's personality. It's because her "nose is so high"

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아만다 said...

귀가 없다. A rather rude way of asking someone why in the world they aren't listening to you.

"Don't you have any ears???"

Matthew Smith said...

great addition! it's added ^^ thanks :)