KGYSAK: 씩 vs. 식

A piece of cake. 씩 is a piece of something. like saying "a piece" "per" or "만큼" and is used with money a lot.

우리 아이에게 만원씩 줬어
I gave each of my kids ten dollars.
I gave my kids ten dollars a piece.

조금씩 먹어라
eat nice and slow; chew your food (piece by piece)

보통 하루에 네 번씩 식사를 해요
I usually eat four times a day.

저는 날마다 10시간씩 근무해요
I work 10 hours a day.

한 학생에 사탕 두 새씩 줬어요
I gave two pieces of candy to each student.

한 주 다섯 번씩 운동해요
I work out five times a week.


식 (式) is much more versatile and is used much more frequently. The form that was getting me confused with the spelling was the ~식 that stands for "ceremony" or "way"

wedding ceremony

American way

graduation ceremony



this way

2 Responses to “KGYSAK: 씩 vs. 식”

Jibril said...

I think you mean 결혼식 (not 셜혼식) and 졸업식 (not 졸업깃).

Anyway, I can think of a few other words I've learned: 장례식 (funeral), 성찬식 (communion), and the ubiquitous "이런식으로..." (this way).

Matthew Smith said...

Thanks so much for the corrections! I have no clue what I was typing. It was pretty late when I wrote the draft... what I can say? ㅋㅋ