KGYSAK: 들어 vs 들려

Can you hear me now?

While skyping recently I ran across a simple misunderstanding. If you're checking if someone can hear you or not, make sure to distinguish between these two:

I can hear you.
Hear me (listen to what I'm saying).

안 들려.
I can't hear you.
안 들어.*
I'm not listening to you. *(not common at all)

Make you you say what you mean to say to loved ones. Definitely a piece of Korean Grammar You Should Already Know. 다시 한번 미안해 여보.

6 Responses to “KGYSAK: 들어 vs 들려”

Aaron Namba said...

Are 들여 and 안들여 correct? The wife says it should be 들어 and 안들어 (as you wrote in the title).

Matthew Smith said...

fixed! careless mistake on my part

Anonymous said...

i got confused with this before.

wdgrain said...

Great blog! I've been studying Korean (off and on) since about 2001...still very frustrated with my lack of progress, so I've renewed my vigor for studying and this website is really something that came along at the right time.

If I could just make a suggestion or observation? Is there any way that you could change the Korean fonts to something easier to read? I think it has to do with the "weight" of the fonts. The English fonts are much bolder/heaver than the Korean and so they are very easy to read, but the Korean fonts are very thin/lightweight and it's difficult to read over the internet.

But if you can't then I'll still enjoy your blog!


Matthew Smith said...

@wdgrain - thanks for finding me and the suggestion. For me, I always tend to like my fonts a little on the squinty side but I changed the body font size just a tad. That should help. I might tweak the whole template to find what I'm looking for later. Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

I really find your blog very helpful. Im using this alongside a famous korean-teaching website.

Please keep on posting. 잘 하로 보내세요.