Last like when we looked at the "any~" prefix, this time it'll be the "no~" prefix as in:

아무도 Nobody
아무것도 Nothing
아무데서도 Nowhere (에서)
아무데도 Nowhere (에)
아무에게도 (to) Nobody
아무한테서도 (to) Nobody

I don't want to talk to anybody (nobody).*
아무도 얘기하고 싶지 않아.

I"m not going anywhere (nowhere).
아무데도 안 가요.

You can smoke nowhere in this building.
아무데서도 담배를 피우지마세요

I wasn't doing anything.
아무것도 안 했어요

Like other negations (부정) the pattern is recognizable in "도". Compare this to the "나" in "any~" as in:

아무도 Nobody
아무나 Anybody

아무것도 Nothing
아무나요 Anything

아무데서도 Nowhere
아무데서나 Anywhere

*Remember that double negatives are acceptable in Korean